Egemen Işık Irak



Graduated from the department of Psychology of Bosphorus University after 6 years of education, Egemen Irak has a life meriting it.

He is calm, patient and peaceful. He gives people peace.

He started to work in Mywedding by Celebration  while he was in university and he is  an offical partner.

He never gets tired.

He is the most loved patner of the company…:)

He is the secret hero of the weddings and receptions.

As a Fenerbahçe football team supporter, his most favorite leisure is to make Arzum crazier,who gets already crazy after each Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray football match.

Egemen Irak, with his highly patient personality, achieved many successes in controlling the mental health of Mywedding by Celebration   team who lives a very fast life and he is highly appreciated.

As a Taurus, he spends a lot of money to eat and he likes the quality in everything.

He is the husband of a very beautiful girl.

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