Beyza Yılmaz Güvercin



She was born in one of the best days of the year, in the day of lovers, the 14th of February, in Sinop, in a fundamental family as a first child of her parents.

Although they had two other kids after Beyza, Beyza was always the loveliest child of her parents and she has grown up with full of affection.

She achieved to study at the University of Istanbul, the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management and came from Sinop to Istanbul to study.

After her graduation, she worked in the big 5 stars hotels of Istanbul. Then she managed Sepetçiler Kasrı for 6 years.

Finally she had to join Mywedding by Celebration  management after Arzum’s pressure that lasted for years.

Beyza has a patience that nobody else has.While her colleagues are complaining that they have no more social life because of their intense work tempo, she always manages to have a social activity in advance after each wedding ceremony.

Arzum & Beyza play always “Americano’’ completing the group to four at every opportunity.

Beyza is the first to discover ‘’foro’’. And like that she can smell the future hit songs.

Beyza can not co-existed with cats and dogs under any circumstances. Even is she denies that she got scared from them it’s obvious that she does

Beyza never smokes.

She adores chocolate.

She is married to a wonderful husband and a has a more wonderful son called Demir

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