Arzum İhsan


Arzum 600 x 380

Arzum Ihsan, spent 19 years of her life to her self-education after a graduation from Notre Dame Sion French High School, a Bachelor degree at University of Istanbul and a Master degree of Public Relations and Publicity at Marmara University.

As a sign of her creativity, she established ‘’Celebration Organization’’ in 1992 and ‘’Mywedding by Celebration ’’ in 1995.

Arzum who used to play volleyball, ski and water skiing for years, nowaday she only keeps dreaming about them:)

Her favorite meal is salmon, her favorite fruit is green plum, her favorite dessert is chocolate, her favorite movie is ‘’Ignorant Fairies’’ (Le Fate Ignoranti). She hates hypocrisy, she lusts for vacation, the only place she wants to live is Alacatı and Mywedding by Celebration  is her passion.

She never denies that she is a Cim Bom Bom (Galatasaray football team) fanatic.

And she is the mother of a lovely daughter.

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