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Mywedding by Celebration

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  • Arzum İhsan
    Arzum Ihsan, spent 19 years of her life to her self-education after a graduation from Notre Dame Sion French High School, a Bachelor degree at University of Istanbul and a Master degree of Public Relations and Publicity at Marmara University.
  • Egemen Işık Irak
    Company Partner
    Graduated from the department of Psychology of Bosphorus University after 6 years of education, Egemen Irak has a life meriting it. He is calm, patient and peaceful. He gives people peace. He started to work in Mywedding by Celebration while he was in university and he is an offical partner.
  • Beyza Yılmaz Güvercin
    Company Partner
    She was born in one of the best days of the year, in the day of lovers, the 14th of February, in Sinop, in a fundamental family as a first child of her parents. Although they had two other kids after Beyza, Beyza was always the loveliest child of her parents and she has grown up with full of affection.